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Yes, the Showit Blog Stylist Plugin works with all Showit websites that have a WordPress blog installation.

Currently the Showit blog stylist plugin only works with Showit advanced blog subscriptions. This is because you can only install custom plugins with an advanced blog.

There are a few reasons the font styles you choose within the plugin are now showing.

First, check that there is no custom CSS overwriting text on the single post page in Showit. Click here to see where custom CSS is inside of Showit.

Next, check that there is no custom CSS overwriting text in WordPress. Log into your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance, then click on "Additional CSS".

Finally, check to see if there are any font styling plugins that are overwriting your plugins settings.

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No, but we LOVE Showit and our plugins are created specifically for Showit users who have a WordPress blog.

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